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The Bages University Foundation (FUB) was established in 1986 and began its academic activity in 1990 with the creation of the University School of Nursing. It is located in Manresa and currently consists of two different faculties: Healthcare Sciences and Social Sciences, which encompass university degrees in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Podiatry, and Business Administration and Management (ADE) and Early Childhood Education, respectively. It also has a professional campus with Vocational Training Courses covering Dental Prostheses, Early Childhood Education, Administration and Finance and International Trade. The signing of a federation agreement with the Balmes University Foundation on January 30, 2014, designated the FUB as the headquarters of the Manresa Campus of the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia.

The Manresa Campus covers an area of about 30,000 m2, alongside the University Avenue, situated north of the Bages capital. It consists of five buildings, which host specialized activity in the fields of Healthcare Sciences, Business and Education. In the first place, the FUB1 building houses central services and the theoretical Healthcare Sciences classrooms; the University Clinic is the facility where the Healthcare Sciences theoretical and practical classrooms are located, in addition to healthcare clinics for outpatients and the Centre for Innovation in Simulation, CISARC; the FUB2 building is dedicated to teaching and business services activities; the FUB3 building comprises the theoretical and practical training facilities for physiotherapy studies; and the FUB4 building houses specialized teaching, research and educational services activities, including the Upetita nursery school and the early childhood science laboratory, Lab 0_6, both of which are managed by Education Studies.

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