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Brief historical background

University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia

2022 UVic-UCC celebrates 25 years of the approval of the Law of Recognition of the University of Vic by the Parliament of Catalonia. Website of the 25 years celebration of UVic-UCC.

2020 Federation agreement with the Elisava University School Private Foundation by which Elisava joins the structure of the University.

2017 UVic-UCC Faculty of Medicine is approved with campuses in Vic and Manresa.

2016 Ugranollers, a new UVic-UCC teaching centre, is created, .

2014  Vic Hospital Consortium, Santa Creu Hospital Foundation and UVic-UCC create the University Hospital of Vic.

2013 A federation agreement is signed with Bages University Foundation (FUB). The federated university becomes University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC).

2011 The Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Humanities, Translation and Documentation merge to become the new Faculty of Education, Translation and Humanities.

2002 The University Clinic of Manresa is founded.

University of Vic

1997 On 21 May, the Catalan Parliament in plenary session unanimously approve the Law for Recognition of UVic. Thus, after 280 years, the last of the universities suppressed by Philip V is reinstated.

University Studies of Vic

1993-94 The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting is established.

1989-90 Osona Polytechnic School is created.

1987-88 University Studies of Vic is established, with three university schools belonging to the Balmes University Foundation (FUB):

  • Balmes Teacher Training College, affiliated to the University of Barcelona.
  • Osona School of Business Studies, also affiliated to the University of Barcelona.
  • Osona School of Nursing, affiliated to the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

1986-87 The brand “University Studies of Vic” is created to set up new degrees.

Twentieth century. Balmes Teacher Training College

1985 Creation of Balmes University Foundation (FUB) at the start of the year, which encompasses Jaume Balmes Teacher Training College and Eumo Editorial.

1984 Creation of the Eumogràfic brand for design tasks. Jaume Balmes Teacher Training College and EUMO Editorial are moved to a former textile factory.

1979 Creation of EUMO Editorial publishing company. The acronym EUMO stands for Edicions de l’Escola Universitària de Mestres d’Osona.

1977 Creation of Jaume Balmes Teacher Training College of Vic, affiliated to the University of Barcelona. The training college is run by the board of Sant Miquel school,and located on the same premises.

Studies in the 19th century

During this century the "Student of Vic" became a firmly established tradition. The city became an important centre for the Renaixença, the Catalan cultural revival.

Well-known figures such as Jaume Balmes, Jacint Verdaguer and Canon Collell, and institutions such as the Diocesan Library, the Literary Circle and the Seminary testify to this. In the mid-nineteenth century, Vic Seminary had over a thousand students.

1873 Vic City Council tries unsuccessfully to re-establish the University of Vic, a clear sign of the city's commitment to regaining a civil centre of higher education.

Studies in the 18th century

1749 Vic Seminary is founded. The opening of the seminary brings with it the return of higher theological studies to the city.

Closure of the University

1717 In reprisal for the War of the Spanish Succession, King Philip V imposes the Nueva Planta Decree (1716). In 1717, he supresses all Catalan universities as most of them have sided against him. By contrast a new university is founded in Cevera, a town that supports him during the war. The University of Barcelona is supressed ten days after the defeat on 11 September 1714. The Literary University of Vic is the last to cease teaching and closes in 1717.

Creation of the Literary University of Vic

1599 On 26 June, King Philip III grants l’Estudi General de Vic the privilege of granting degrees in Arts and Philosophy. This is the start of the Literary University of Vic.

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