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Rector's greeting

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the UVic-UCC web.

We are a young university, officially recognised by the Parliament of Catalonia in May 1997. We want to play a part in Europe and the wider world building on our strong Catalan roots. From its very beginnings UVic-UCC has promoted academic quality and a a supportive context for student-centred training. Our teaching programmes offer quality and contact with students, as required for the European Higher Education Area. We also feel a strong commitment to Catalonia - its university system and the language and culture - and regional development, where we contribute to services outside the Barcelona area and promote a sustainable future.

UVic-UCC is under the authority of the Fundació Universitària Balmes, whose Board of Governors has a majority of representatives from the Vic City Council and the Generalitat of Catalonia. This combined model of independent management and public control guarantees flexible, accountable and efficient government.

Our vocation to public service, as outlined in the founding parliamentary text about UVic-UCC, is reflected in the Generalitat's financial support and UVic-UCC's participation in the Catalan public university enrolment scheme.

I hope our web will provide you with the information you need about our university. If you need to know more, please call us or drop in for a visit.

Josep-Eladi Baños
Rector of the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia

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